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Journals and Magazines

Directory of open access journals

This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. The aim is to cover all subjects and languages. There are now 4480 journals in the directory. Currently 1732 journals are searchable at article level. As of today 330906 articles are included in the DOAJ service.

Groundswell Journal

Interface: a journal for and about social movements

Kulturtidskrifter, Kategori: Samhälle, miljö & politik

Riff Raff

kommunism och klasskampsteori


Theory in Action

The Journal of the Transformative Studies Institute . Theory in Action is an international peer reviewed journal.


Website Resources

Here are links to papers and websites that provide resources for better understanding the strategies, strengths and limitations of activist networks.


Online resources for activists, organisers, lawyers and legal workers

Civilresistance. Info

The aim of this website is to promote understanding of and research on civil resistance – which is another term for nonviolent struggle.

Collective book on collective process

A handbook on group process for egalitarian collectives. its focus is on the often unrecognized negative dynamics that can occur when people try to work collectively. it is a collaborative work-in-progress, and everybody is invited to contribute.

Covalent bonding in activist networks

Dispatches from the Youth climate Movement

EnergyGrid: How to be a Political Activist


Helping you to find the best websites for study and research.”

Justice not vengeance

For the past four years Justice Not Vengeance has made a singular contribution to the anti-war and wider peace movements, providing ground-breaking analysis, inspiring presentations, powerful imagery and effective protest.


This site contains musings and resources that are connected, in way or another, to building a radical movement and transforming society. It holds essays, interviews, book reviews, photographs, translations, scanned documents, and miscellaneous commentary upon events and ideas.

Marketing – the nets we weave

No to war – International Socialist Resistance

No to war in Iraq


This blog is a project called Panspectrocism and investigates new forms of power and social organisation emerging in present day societies.



Digital Rights

The Groundswell blog

Dedicated to critical cultural production at the intersection of art and activism. … cover artists from around the globe whose work explores and realizes social change.

Rhetorical Imprints

Negotiating meaning in a postmodern world.




Below are video clips of seminars and lectures related to the Resistance Studies Network. You may watch them directly in your browser, or download the files to you hard drive.