On May 24 the Resistance Studies Network (RSN) and Forum for Social Movement Studies (CSM), University of Gothenburg,
invite to a double-seminar:

Thursday 24 May 13.15-15
‘Resistance’ vs. ‘Social Movements’ – a Conceptual Discussion
Mona Lilja & Stellan Vinthagen, Resistance Studies, and Håkan Thörn & Åsa Wettergren, Forum for Social Movement Research
Room: 419, Annedalsseminariet, Campus Linné
The seminar is based on two papers (attached), one on ‘resistance’, one on ‘social movements’

Thursday 24 May, at 15.15-17.00
‘Every movement claims it reinvents democracy’
Indignados, mobilisers, experts and transition activists and their claims for democracy

By Geoffrey Pleyers, FNRS & University of Louvain
Among his latest books are ‘Alter-Globalization. Becoming Actors in the Global Age’ Polity, 2011
The seminar is based on a paper that will be available one week before the seminar at www.resistancestudies.org
The seminar is at Annedalsseminariet, room 419, at Campus Linné, location descriptions at www.globalstudies.gu.se